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About Prostoreo

PROSTOREO is a custom developed shopping cart Content Mangement System. It allows you to create your own online store in a few simple steps. It comes with a plenty of marketing and SEO tools to help your grow sales from the very first day of your online store work.
If I purchase PROSTOREO basic package, is it possible to switch to another PROSTOREO package?
Yes, it is. As soon as you buy a new package, you'll get access to the new features right away.
Is it easy to have custom options in PROSTOREO?
Absolutely. If you want a features that is not in PROSTOREO, our premium expert support team available for 24/7 to help you.
Do you have any example (demo) of websites on PROSTOREO?
Yes. Please check demo.

Product catalog

Is there any option to import/export my products?
Yes, you can import/export products in PROSTOREO.
Is there any option to copy my product?
Yes, you can copy your existing product.
I have facebook store, can i connect it to PROSTOREO?
Yes, in your social media connectivity section you can connect PROSTOREO with your facebook store and sell on facebook store.

Accepting payments

Does PROSTOREO support PayPal?
Yes, it does.

Getting started

Do I need an already established site to use PROSTOREO?
No, you don’t.
Can I incorporate this software into my existing website?
Yes you can customize PROSTOREO to match the look and feel of your current website. If you need assistance, consider our expert support team.
Can I add custom pages to the store?
Yes, as many as you need. It's very convenient to manage the pages content using WYSIWYG editor and you can link the custom page to the main menu or footer menu.
Will PROSTOREO run well on web server with PHP7?
Yes, absolutely.
Can you install PROSTOREO for me?
Yes, because you do not need to manage it by yourself. You just need to select package and our expert create store for you. So don't worry about it. No installation needed.
Can I download PROSTOREO?
No, It is Fully managed SaaS Software As A Service, so you can not download it.

If you haven't found the answer to your question, please contact us. We are happy to discuss your project and share some cool ideas.