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Features of Prostoreo

Store Design

  • Responsive & mobile ready
  • Customizable
  • Home page carousel
  • Powerful CMS
  • Edit your own 'how to buy' page
  • No technical skills necessary
  • Experts are available
  • FAQs management
  • Inject custom CSS
  • Notification bar
  • Custom favicon
  • Informative contents editing

Security Features

  • Full support of HTTPS/SSL protocols
  • Strong encryption for sensitive customer data
  • Backup system
  • Access control list
  • Form CAPTCHA to reduce bot spam
  • Fully-managed hosting
  • Your own domain ( name
  • 99.00% uptime
  • Scalable eCommerce hosting
  • Fast site performance
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited emails accounts

Marketing & SEO Tools

  • Targeted email marketing
  • Promotions & coupons
  • Tell a friend
  • Customer reward management
  • Redeemable products
  • Send reminders to customers
  • Social network integration
  • Deals
  • Group deals
  • Make-an-offer
  • Newsletters campaign management

Search Engine

  • Robust internal search
  • Full screen search results
  • Front-end/Back-end Search

Administration Features

  • Filters available in listings to help filter your store data
  • Printable invoices and receipts
  • Order status tracking
  • Login from anywhere in the world via a web browsers
  • Unlimited number of admin accounts
  • Permission base admin accounts
  • Customizable invoices and email notifications
  • Custom order statuses
  • Backorders
  • WYSIWYG editor for catalog and CMS
  • Payment processing modules for all major gateways
  • Import/Export data via CSV (compatible with Excel)
  • HTML emails
  • Export newsletter subscribers
  • Deleted collection recovery
  • Customer accounts

Orders Management

  • Process orders quickly
  • Admin order placement on behalf of customer
  • Sell on social media
  • Product and Invoice base discount
  • Track outstanding orders, resend customer update emails, and print packing slips from a single interface

Shopping Cart

  • Accept Payments
  • Express Checkout
  • Out of Stock
  • Apply coupon on cart
  • Apply redeemed amunt on cart
  • Wish List
  • Mobile-Optimized checkout

Products Management

  • Easy products management
  • Product short descriptions
  • Product variants group management
  • Product variants management
  • Product size chart
  • Maintain product image gallery
  • Product videos
  • Upsell and Crossell
  • Copy product
  • Product brand management
  • Product tags management
  • Customer reviews
  • Detailed product reports
  • Unlimited categories with n level depth
  • Product image zoom
  • Import/Export product Data
  • Unlimited products
  • Rich product descriptions
  • Product quick view
  • Sell physical items or services on PROSTOREO

Content Ownership

  • Content Ownership – You own all of the content you put on the PROSTOREO platform. We offer one-click data portability.
  • Ad Free - Your site is yours – You can run your own ads or make money with your site if you'd like, we do not sell or run ads against your content.
  • PROSTOREO Badge – You can display the PROSTOREO Badge on your website, which displays the copy "Powered By PROSTOREO" when you hover your mouse over it.
  • Privacy Protected – PROSTOREO is committed not to sell your data.
  • No Surprises – There is no surprise pricing during checkout, no additional charges.

Coupons Management

  • Create configurable sales and discounts coupons
  • Create coupon codes for marketing and customer service
  • Define expiration date
  • Define coupon's total number of usage
  • Define coupon's per person number of usage
  • Set coupon, banner or image
  • Location specific coupons
  • Coupons description
  • Discount in percent or fix discount
  • Allow to set free shipping with usage of coupon

Merchants/Resellers Management

  • Easy signup
  • Merchant admin panel
    • Owner profile management
    • Business analytics
    • Business profile management
    • Products management
    • Orders management
    • Outstanding/invoices

Customer Management

  • Callback Request
  • Customer account
  • Customer control panel
    • Transactional analytics
    • Orders Listing with status
    • Wish list
    • wallet management
    • Profile management

SMS Management

  • Default SMS – Default SMS allow you set default sms test and use them in future
  • Bulk SMS – Bulk sms allow you to broadcast message to customers
  • Customer Specific SMS – Send SMS to individual customer.
  • SMS Log - Allow you to monitor your complete SMS log
  • Customer SMS Log – Allow you to check customer specific SMS log

Email Campaigns

  • Email campaigns – Stand out in any inbox with PROSTOREO Email Campaigns. Our all-in-one platform makes it easy to unify your brand voice—from your homepage to customer's email.
  • Powerful editing tools – Add an image to grab attention, link to relevant content, or use a button to drive clicks. Try different color and style combinations to suit the content of your email.
  • Mailing lists – Get the right message to the right people. Collect email addresses through your website and send subscribers the information they care about most with unique mailing lists.
  • Sender profiles – Make your email stand out with a custom "From" field to ensure that each email's message aligns with who it's from. Domains purchased from PROSTOREO are already verified, so you can immediately start sending emails from the domain you own.
  • Email sender profiles – Make your email stand out with a custom "From" field to ensure that each email's message aligns with who it's from. Domains purchased from PROSTOREO are already verified, so you can immediately start sending emails from the domain you own.
  • Email campaign analytics – You monitor you email campaigns by our power full email analytics dashboard.

Business Analysis - Dashboard

PROSTOREO's ecommerce analytics module enable you to see your store performance anytime. You can also select actionable analytics tools to analyze past store performance.

  • Drilled Down - From your dashboard you can drill into detailed reports anytime to focused on your store’s performance — and included in your monthly subscription.

Our 24/7 Expert Support

Our 24/7 expert customer support team is ready to serve you by answer your questions and solve your problems via phone, email, skype and whatsapp chat.

  • Enjoy short waiting before speaking to an expert, or avail our callback option to receive a callback so you don't have to stay on the line.
  • Contact our experts by phone, live chat, or email — however you prefer.
  • Check out our website for the option to chat online with our Experts.
  • Get help when you need it — not the next business day.
  • Not only technical support but... - Our expert team can help you to scale your business by selling on PROSTOREO and your shopping experience.

Premium support

Currently we offer the following premium support services to our valuable customers

  • Store UI Designing & Development
  • Brand Video
  • Logo & stationary designing
  • SEO
  • read more
Call +92 345 299 4505 any time, any day to reach 24/7 Expert Support.

Developer Information

  • Support for UNIX/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X servers
  • CodeIgniter Version 3.1.11
  • Powered by MySQL database
  • Bootstrap v4.4.1
  • W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant code
  • WYSIWYG text labels editor (“webmaster mode”)
  • CMS capabilities (static HTML pages & other specific site contents)